Got an overflowing Container Draw?

Living more sustainably isn't about perfection and it also doesn't mean you can't enjoy having new, beautiful things that you'll enjoy using instead of their single use counter parts.  But there is a little guilt about all those single use and old plastic containers that are crowding a draw or living in an overflowing draw.  Well we have the perfect solution for you.

It's no secret that we all end up accumulating a heap of crap just living our day to day lives.  And most of us have a draw or cupboard filled to the brim with old plastic containers that we've been meaning to reuse but just keep forgetting about.  Living sustainably shouldn't be stressful or make us anxious about having nice things.  But we can be smart about how we use our old products that could be destined for landfill or could be re-utilised as something new.

Why not use your old plastic packaging and containers to store your odds and ends?  A plastic shaving cream container can store nuts and bolts.  Your fish food container now holds screws.  Nails in that takeaway box from Friday night.  Think about the lil bits and pieces that need a home in your life and see what smart ways you can upcycle your plastic waste today!


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