Hi, I'm Seonaidh. (PRON. Sea-owner) but you can call me Seo.

I started Big Bite Eco in 2017 because I was really struggling with how much waste myself & my family was creating when it came to consuming food & drinks everyday- school lunches, work lunches, the daily coffee run...I really wanted to make a change but I struggled to find products that didn’t cost an arm & leg & that actually worked.

Starting with the humble lunchbox, I drew on my background as a designer & started researching what sort of new technologies were available in order to create reusable plastic free options that were going to look good, still be affordable & be made in a way that was environmentally sustainable.
Since then I have extended our range to create products that replace other single use plastics in our lifestyles particularly in the kitchen. These include linen produce bags, plastic free food storage options, reusable straws, cutlery sets & more.

Having previously lived & worked as a product designer/developer in Asia I am luckily enough to have found some great small businesses that share our ethos in creating sustainable products. I'm a multidisciplinary designer but I have a pretty broad creative and practical background having worked in the fashion industry, hospitality, events and retail.  I've always had a “waste not, want not” attitude when it came to my life but struggled with the excessive amount of waste created by the industries I had chosen to work in.

So I set myself the challenge of creating a brand that was focussed on changing our ideals of consumption.  The area I decided to tackle specifically was single use packaging.  I took it one step further and really started to focus on the waste we were creating in relation to our consumption of food and drinks and how we could solve or even eliminate the use of unnecessary plastics in our everyday life.
I began creating beautiful, affordable, reusable and practical alternatives to single use packaging.  I utilised new and innovative technologies, waste byproducts and her design skills to create a range of products that would become reusable versions of our everyday necessities such as cling wrap, baking paper, plastic takeaway containers and more.  

I travel frequently to find unique partners to work with that are utilising new, innovative & environmentally sustainable technologies. Some of our products are made from waste byproducts or upcycled waste materials. Others use natural dying techniques that have minimal impact on the environment. Our products are designed to be made efficiently with minimal human intervention which ensures safe & ethical working conditions are upheld by our manufacturers.
Our manufacturing partners are small, family run businesses located in India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Seoul who we have personally vetted & whose manufacturing facilities we frequently visit. There are several videos on our website and social media of how our products are designed & how they are then made. We think it is important to be transparent about how & where our products are made & to communicate this to our customers. It's also incredibly important to me that our suppliers have the same ideology when it comes to sustainable & safe business practices.

I also have a sister business, Big Bite Designs which is a Creative studio that reimagines art & design for consciously minded hospitality, events & retail spaces. Head to (www.bigbitedesigns.com) to find out more.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to work with other people and in other places around the world.  
If there's something she can help you out with please feel free to get in touch-hi@bigbiteeco.com