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Big Bite Eco
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Our new slingy bag is the cross body bag of your dreams.  Colourful, useful and comfortable these bags have been sustainably and ethically made utilising upcycled parachute as the lining.

These round shoulder bags have a compact look with excellent storage capacity.

Shaped to fit the everybody for easy carrying.

You’re going to love using this cute conscious zip up that beautifully combines Australian design innovation with ethical craftsmanship.

Shaped to fit the body for active wear.
Convenient size that fits your smartphone and wallet.

Handy inner pocket for your keys and valuables.
Unisex design.

Designed in Australia and handcrafted with care by our small, female-led manufacturer dedicated to ethical production and inclusion.  Its compact size makes it perfect for organizing your daily essentials. The convenient zip-up closure ensures that your belongings stay secure.

Zero-waste Materials:

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. This pouch is meticulously crafted from organic naturally dyed cotton, showcasing the earthy hues of Australia's landscapes. The use of natural dyes not only enhances its visual appeal but also reflects our dedication to eco-consciousness.

Ethical Production:

Behind every stitch and every fold is a small, family-oriented manufacturer that values ethics and inclusivity. With a focus on empowering women and fostering a supportive environment for individuals with disabilities, they exemplify the essence of responsible and compassionate manufacturing.

Thoughtful Design:

The Slingy Bag is designed to simplify your life while making a positive impact. Its compact size makes it perfect for organizing your essentials.

A Sustainable Choice:

By choosing the Slingy Bag you're not just adding a touch of style to your daily routine; you're making a statement for sustainability and ethical practices. You're supporting local artisans and contributing to the reduction of waste through the use of repurposed materials.

Versatile Companion:

This pouch is more than just an accessory; it's a reflection of your values. Whether it's in your handbag, backpack, or suitcase, the Slingy Bag is a versatile companion for those who appreciate ethical craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

Join the Movement:

Elevate your everyday by choosing the Slingy Bag and become a part of a movement that values creativity, sustainability, and inclusivity. With each use, you're not only showcasing Australian design but also spreading awareness about the importance of ethical choices.

Make a difference in style and substance with the Slingy Bag – a pouch that embraces the values of Australia's culture and craftsmanship while making a positive impact on people and the planet.


What I’m made from: 100% natural cotton + upcycled parachute fabric

How to keep me clean: Cool, gentle hand or machine wash.

How to dispose of me: I should last for years if looked after. At the end of my life span I can be returned to Big Bite Eco.

  • Designed in Australia
  • 100% cotton with recycled parachute lining
  • Approx 35cm x 20cm 
  • Zip up to keep things safe
  • Added gusset for extra width
  • Reinforced stitching for heavy loads