Homemade Oat Milk!

Like yourself a lil Hall and Oates with your coffee? Sameeee!!!

Unfortunately they’re a lil expensive to arrange for a breakfast date but luckily you ain’t outta touch and you can make yourself a lil of your own oat milk to enjoy with your morning coffee. And for next to nothing (because we ain’t no rich girls honey)...

It’s definitely not just for your private eyes👀, so head to our stories to find the recipe and tell all your friends that don’t reckon they can go for that. Trust us, it’ll make your dreams come true. 

Step 1: soak tha oats.

Step 2: strain the water

Step 3: chuck em in a blender

Step 4: add in fresh water

Step 5: add a lil pinch of salt and a dash of honey to taste

Step 6: blend til smooth


Step 7: strain through a sieve 

Step 8: enjoy with your favourite beverage or breakky food


So simple and delish!  Why buy store bought again? Easy to make, preservative free, vegan and packaging free.  Its a no brainer to us.  Try it out today and let us know what you think!