Our Ethos

Big Bite studios ethos

The main aim behind Big Bite Studios is to reduce the amount of waste we generate in our everyday lives.

By cutting down on single use items & replacing them with well designed, useful, reusable options, we hope that people will begin to change their behaviour and opt for reusable options.

Alongside our products, we also work with brands to create more sustainable practices within their businesses.   

 Some of our products are made by hand by myself in Perth, WA such as our ceramics and fabric items.  We also print our bags and totes in Australia.  And then we have a selection of small family run manufacturers that we work with in Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan

We specifically choose our manufacturing partners based on their commitment to environmental practices within their own businesses.

Prior to covid we were working with a lot of offshore manufacturers to create our products.  However, since the pandemic began we have begun creating more and more products in house and with Australian suppliers.  

We have now created a studio/workshop/retail space so we can bring our manufacturing back to Australia and utilise Australia raw materials such as clays, concretes, wool, hemp.  We invite people into our space so they can see our process and how things are actually made.  This also means a smaller carbon footprint and more flexibility to create products specifically for Aussie household needs.

Currently we work with small, family run producers that only create small runs of products (internationally and in Australia).  They have been hand chosen and we visit them regularly to ensure our manufacturers are aligned with our sustainable and fair trade ethos.

Below is a video showing a walkthrough of one of our manufacturing partners near Hong Kong. 


When I started the business I was actually living and working through Asia as a designer and buyer for clothing and accessory brands.  From there I found small family run businesses that were creating ethical and sustainable products.  Many of the processes and materials they were using were new technology at the time so it was a little risky for them to be branching out. 
We supported them from 2018 and throughout covid with manufacturers throughout Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong and China.  I travel to visit our suppliers frequently, ensuring high standards were met in the manufacturing process (you can see walkthroughs of our factories on our website).  A lot of the small businesses we work with support entire communities in fairly remote areas.  We hope to still work with them in the future on some projects.